post election commentary below

When I look back over the course of my life, I can't help but feel the pain of a monster that has been eating me up from the inside out for the past 25 years. The diagnosis was Lyme disease, but nothing I've done to treat this illness with traditional or alternative medicine, has done anything to end the destructive power that has slowly been breaking my body and mind apart. I'm very fortunate to have a kind and loving family who has been there for me over the years, and without their care, who knows where I'd be today. I have so much to be grateful for, and because of support from loved ones, I've had opportunities to live life as if I were healthy, even though this illness has been battering me with feelings of self doubt and anger at my body for not being able to get better so I can give back to all who have given so much to me.

Seeing the violence this election is provoking in America makes me wonder where it will all lead. If I were to lose my life to Lyme, the struggle against America's regressive forces, new terror attacks or to the storm of living in general, I hope the power of ideas keeping me going, will live on and reshape the political landscape of Earth, empowering millions of humans and transcending the secular / religious divide. When I leave this world, I want the ideas that inspired me during my time here to be shared as means of continueing my life work for our global country and sharing the good news about the possibility of Civilization Z.


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