Avatar Film Group Week 15:
Sunday March 16th, 2014
Warning! Major Spoilers!


Ender's Game Header

Week 15 Recap by Eli Williamson-Jones

This week we watched Ender's Game before the second episode of Cosmos. This movie surprisingly did poorly at the box office for a film that had amazing production, great acting, great effects and an outstanding score. Aside from all the technical wizardry and compelling story, I was most interested in this film for its anti-war message. I capture all the details of what I believe is a compelling message that demands we think a bit more seriously about reforming the military industrial complex.

This all ties into my theory that enlightened filmmakers in Hollywood, are crafting stories that raise the viewer's consciousness, trying to communicate and drive us towards a heroes journey of our own; changing our nation's course towards a more beautiful destiny.

Ender's Analysis

In Ender’s Game, the hero is deceived into participating in what he thinks is a war game, but in reality he is commanding Earth’s entire fleet in a preemptive strike on an alien planet that ultimately destroys their world. If the Third World War is to be avoided in our near future and humanity united peacefully, it is my hope that the young men and women in America’s military will not be deceived by its corrupt leadership, leading our nation in a continuation of Bush administration policies with a preemptive strike on Iran and threats of nuclear war with North Korea. Unlike Ender’s Game where the Formic threat is neutralized by the destruction of their home world, if America launched a preemptive nuclear attack on Iran, it could very well set off the domino succession of violence that might ignite a Third World War and the potential destruction of our species.


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