The Dream Reborn



“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” --Martin Luther King Jr.

America Transformed through World Spirit; the elevated consciousness of millions of Americans from progressive and conservative families, whose global vision was shaped by the spiritual side of America. (electronics industrial complex and industry of dreams) The global country is Martin Luther King’s Dream Reborn for the entire Earth. ( The global mind is the free and open Internet; equivalent to the modern day Library of Alexandria, which we all must defend. The Alex Grey sticker on top ( reminds us of E pluribus unum for all humanity; “out of many, one!” And the Entheon guardian stickers ( reference the higher powers of the universe, favoring evolution while transforming regression. The Starship Enterprise rising out of Apple Inc’s new headquarters is symbolic for the secular dream of humanity (doing what we are capable of) where the capital of America on the right, is replaced by the capital of Starfleet on the left in the progressive city of San Francisco and birthplace of a future (A.I. super intelligence) in Silicon Valley. As the military industrial complex continues adding to its destructive arsenal of weapons capable of destroying every human being, the last three decades has quietly seen the electronics industrial complex assemble the means to empower every human being. It is within the realm of possibility in the distant future, that Apple or its Android successor may one day put the equivalent of an internet connected super computer/HoloLens in the hands of every person on the planet as their (universal translator / science tricorder) or passport to world citizenship; a unified crew of spaceship Earth. Imagine the mass production (entirely with machines) of a super computer running an OS connected to a global network, that completely does away with the need for traditional government.

Is the impossible, possible? Is it possible my worst fears of World War III erupting, (expressed here) will not happen and humanity will wake up? Is it possible the Trump administration doesn't trigger a clash of civilizations, but is transformed and finally able to feel shame, resigning and making way for leaders who tear down walls, ending the wars to build a culture of peace while protecting the environment of the global commons by transitioning our economy to clean energy? Is it possible America can still become transformed into a true hero of Earth, defending the future of humanity while empowering nations to become states of a future global country? Is it possible I can tap into a power within myself to heal my Lyme Disease and become a vehicle of waking others up to finding their power, so we can all collectively heal the conditions threatening to ignite an apocalypse on Earth? This is what I want to believe is possible, that like America, the good side of Donald Trump will prevail to prevent worse case scenarios from unfolding so the good side of America can grow and stop our greatest dreams from turning into our worst nightmares! Is it possible Donald Trump has it within himself to be a truly "great man" like Martin Luther King Jr., just as America has it within herself to become a truly great nation?

If we are going to prevent the nightmare, we've got to start transcending the fear and curses of our past so they do not hold sway of our future! We have to somehow transform Trump and America through the power of our greatest hopes and dreams!

In light of the news and live footage I have seen and heard from Trump's campaign for president and different stages of his administration, finding anything positive has been extremely challenging! If Trump suddenly had an awakening, his past corruption would elicit a heartfelt apology to America and the world for gambling with our future by the horrendous words and deeds of his presidency. Somehow he would find it within himself to resign and make it impossible for Pence to take his place.


This is why a Trump / Pence administration is bad for US!


He has admitted to sexual assault in 2005 recording,

calls for nuclear proliferation,

is ok with unconstitutional stop and frisk,

was sued over Trump U fraud, has bribed a DA,

calls for a ban of an entire religion from entering America,

lied about support for the Iraq War,

was penalized for racist housing discrimination,

has filed for bankruptcy 4 times,

has slammed vets for being POWs,

has called Mexicans rapists,

questioned a judge's integrity because of parent's heritage,

has committed insurance fraud,

has dozens of assault victims and witnesses come forward with allegations of abuse,

recorded being part of many scandals,

had attacked a former Ms America for being overweight,

had called for US citizens to be sent to Gitmo,

wants more extreme forms of torture to be used,

asked why cant we use our nukes if we have them,

called for offensive bombing attack on sovereign nation because someone gave the middle finger,

wants to kill women and children of suspected terrorists,

says women should be punished for having abortions,

makes fun of disabled people,

calls for end of freedom of the press, has said global warming is a hoax made up by the Chinese,

has praised Kim Jong Un's strong leadership,

has been accused of not paying hundreds of his employees,

has used campaign donations to enrich his own businesses,

says Ted Cruz involved in JFK assassination using National Enquirer as the source,

Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks,

70 members of Star Trek's cast and crew just wrote an epic anti-Trump letter.,

Michele Bachmann: I'm advising Trump on foreign policy,

Newt Gingrich wants new House Un-American Activities Committee, (Trump considered Gingrich for his cabinet)

What is the ‘alt-right’? A beginner’s guide,

12 Reasons Donald Trump Would Not Be Great For ‘The Blacks’,

18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women,

Donald Trump Approves Of Supporters Who ‘Roughed Up’ Black Lives Matter Protester,

9 Outrageous Things Donald Trump Has Said About Latinos,

Donald Trump Keeps Lying About New Jersey 9/11 Celebrations,

Donald Trump tries to leverage a high-profile slaying into a campaign appeal,

Dan Rather Responds to Trump’s Immigration Speech,

On 9/11, Trump noted on TV that his Financial District building was now the ‘tallest’,

Trump’s Maternity Leave Plan Is His Biggest Insult To Women Yet,

176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn't Be President,

Donald Trump Jr. Casually Makes A Holocaust Joke,

Mike Pence Wants Creationism Taught In Public Schools,

Donald Trump to appear with pastor who says he personally stopped a tsunami,

Trump Seeks Protection From ‘Satanic Attack’,


This May Be The Most Horrible Thing That Donald Trump Believes,

President Trump's Energy Policy Would Be a Nightmare,

What Does Donald Trump Really Think About Using Nuclear Weapons?,

Trump's nuclear views are terrifying,

"In a Time of Trump, Millennial Jews Awaken to Anti-Semitism",

In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens,

Appeals Court Blocks Indiana’s Attempt to Discriminate Against Syrian Refugees,

U2 comes out against Trump,

Group of nearly 80 evangelical leaders publish letter condemning Trump,

Powerful Evangelical Women Split From Male Church Leaders to Slam Trump,

Evangelical magazine publishes scathing anti-Trump editorial,

Jesus wept: How can you call yourself a Christian if you voted for Donald Trump?,

I was an evangelical magazine editor, but now I can’t defend my evangelical community,

Trump's Offer to Christians Is Same Offer Devil Made Christ,

Donald Trump Makes History With Zero Major Newspaper Endorsements,

The story of Donald Trump's Atlantic City comeback is even worse than his collapse,

Ken Burns Blasts Donald Trump Over Comments on Central Park Five: "The Height of Vulgarity",

Why We Should Be Talking About Donald Trump's Iran War Threats,

More Trump tapes surface with crude sex remarks,

Trump's body language during debate raises social media eyebrows,

How Alex Jones, a Trump-approved conspiracy theorist, is disrupting the presidential race,

The only living Trump supporter in Silicon Valley,

Mike Pence Says His Role Model for Vice President Is Dick Cheney,

Trump in Exile by Sam Harris, The Most Powerful Clown by Sam Harris,

19 things Donald Trump knows better than anyone else, according to Donald Trump,

Is Trump Urging His Gun-Toting Supporters To Break Voter Intimidation Laws?,

Trump Supporters Are Now Sending Death Threats to Jewish Journalists,

Anti-Semitic Posts, Many From Trump Supporters, Surge on Twitter,

Billionaire Richard Branson: Trump once invited me to lunch to share his ‘bizarre’ revenge fantasies,

With Degree Debunked, Melania Trump Website Is Taken Down,

Dakota Access pipeline company and Donald Trump have close financial ties,

Donald Trump said he ‘worked like hell’ to make a move on John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston,

Resurfaced Trump Post Shows He Used Jett Travolta's Death to Leer at Kelly Preston,

A newly surfaced video shows Donald Trump grabbing and kissing a former Miss Universe onstage,

Donald Trump: Three decades 4,095 lawsuits,

Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?,

Republicans are now vowing Total War. And the consequences could be immense,

Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False,

Why Silicon Valley is so terrified of Donald Trump,

Silicon Valley Reels After Trump’s Election,

Donald Trump Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Require Muslims to Register,

The KKK Just Announced a Trump Victory Parade in North Carolina,

In Donald Trump’s cabinet from hell, corporatism and cronyism run rampant — and Sarah Palin may be there, too,

Trump campaign staff redirects, then restores, mention of Muslim ban from website,

Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition,

People are compiling incidents of hate speech during 'Day 1 of Trump's America',

At suicide hotlines, the first 24 hours of Trump’s America have been full of fear,

Elon Musk on Donald Trump: ‘Just no’,

Field of Vision - Best of Luck with the Wall,

What It Would Take for Donald Trump to Build the Great Wall of America,

Is Trump's Wall Possible?,

Trump says building a U.S.-Mexico wall is ‘easy.’ But is it really?,

Michigan middle school students chant ‘Build the wall’ — while Latino students cry,

'Drain the Swamp'? Trump's Potential Cabinet Fills Out With Washington Insiders,

Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Assaulted Just Hours After Trump Win,

Black Freshmen at UPenn Added to a “Daily Lynching” Hate Group,

'Day 1 in Trump's America': A damning look into the country's soul,

Post-election spate of hate crimes worse than post-9/11, experts say,


Gregg Popovich: 'Still sick to my stomach' after Trump's election win,

History teacher suspended for lesson showing ‘remarkable parallels’ between rise of Trump and Hitler,

Mike Pence Promotes Christian Theocracy,

The 7 biggest threats Trump poses to the environment,

It looks like we're going to have a less open internet under Donald Trump,

A White Nationalist Is The New White House Chief Strategist,

'I'm Part of the Problem': Partner at Peter Thiel Investment Firm Says He’s Scared of Trump,

Donald Trump Clung to ‘Birther’ Lie for Years, and Still Isn’t Apologetic,

Will America Now Have a Pravda?,


'My Year Of Guards And Guns': Megyn Kelly On Standing Up To Trump And Ailes,

Obama Is Warning America About Trump’s Presidency. Are You Listening?,

Update: More Than 400 Incidents of Hateful Harassment and Intimidation Since the Election,

Donald Trump ticks all 14 boxes in Umberto Eco’s list of what makes a fascist a fascist,

The Two Americas of 2016,

China Just Made Donald Trump and the Republican Party Look Like Complete Fools,

Trump surrogate cites Japanese internment camps as precedent for Muslim registry,

Donald Trump Selects Mike Flynn As National Security Adviser - Flynn has defended Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. and said he was open to bringing back waterboarding.,

Donald Trump is betting against all odds on climate change,

Right-wing group led by Trump propagandist launches campaign against Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX,

George Takei: They interned my family. Don’t let them do it to Muslims.,

Talk of a registry for Muslims has Japanese internment survivors asking: 'Can’t they see what’s wrong?',

Spokesman claims Donald Trump never called for Muslim registry despite video evidence,

John Bolton, Top Contender For Secretary Of State, Calls For Regime Change In Iran,

I Wish We All Could Be Californian,

Populist and nationalist parties in Europe are making electoral gains on racist, xenophobic, and anti-immigrant political platforms similar to Trump’s,

Trump’s CIA Director Pick Thinks Using Encryption ‘May Itself Be A Red Flag’,

Hundreds of Jewish scholars of holocaust history call on Americans to 'mobilise in solidarity' against Trump,

Jonathan Capehart: Why is Steve Bannon given a pass when Jeremiah Wright was kicked to the curb for less?,

FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims up by 67 percent in 2015,

Trump Picks Jeff Sessions, Senator Accused Of Racism, For Attorney General,

White Nationalists Are Ecstatic About Jeff Sessions’ Nomination,

Yes, Adolf Hitler Really Said He Would 'Make Germany Great Again',

Japanese American internment is ‘precedent’ for national Muslim registry, prominent Trump backer says,


‘White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men’ Fliers Appear On SMU Campus,

why we're afraid; don't tell us we're overreacting,

White nationalist movement growing much faster than Isis on Twitter, study finds,

Letters threatening genocide against Muslims and praising Trump sent to multiple California mosques,

Trump supporter calls passengers 'Hillary b----es' during rant on plane,

San Francisco’s Official Response to the Election of Trump,

Trump’s lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy.,

The angry white man next door: Hearing out a Trump voter,

Trump Claims, With No Evidence, That ‘Millions of People’ Voted Illegally,

Trump Muses That Flag Burning Should Result In Jail Time, Loss Of Citizenship,

Harassment in schools skyrockets after election, teachers report,

There’s Been An ‘Outbreak’ Of Nearly 900 Hate Incidents Since Trump’s Win

Potential Trump Homeland Security Chief Believes Black Lives Matter–ISIS Alliance Is Imminent,,

4 People, Including A Baby, Have Died In A Jail Run By Potential Trump Nominee Sheriff David Clarke,

Noam Chomsky, Junot Diaz and nearly 400 MIT faculty oppose Trump picks in open letter,

Trump’s Win Is Having A “Profoundly Negative Impact” On Students, According To Hate Watch Group,

A Yale history professor’s powerful, 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency,

Trump's Secretary of Defense Presided Over Slaughter of Civilians in Fallujah,

Wayland mosque receives hate letter invoking Donald Trump,

Donald Trump wants to 'close up' the Internet,

A Warning for Americans From a Member of Pussy Riot,

Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Hail Trump Victory,

'There's nothing wrong with being white.' Trump's win brings 'white pride' out of the shadows,

Trump’s climate denial is just one of the forces that point towards war,

Paper Owned by Trump's Son-In-Law Runs Alarming Op-Ed Calling for FBI Crackdown on Anti-Trump Protests,

US Power Will Decline Under Trump, Says Futurist Who Predicted Soviet Collapse,

Ben Carson: 'Body With Bullet Holes' Preferable to Gun Control,

Scientists around the world are worried about a Trump team proposal to ax NASA's 58-year mission to study the Earth,

3 signs the "Trump effect" is a real thing happening in Europe right now,

Trump Team Pledges Support for Completing Blocked Dakota Pipeline,

Update: Incidents of Hateful Harassment Since Election Day Now Number 701,

Hate crimes spike in wake of Donald Trump's win with 897 reports recorded in 10 days,

Hate, harassment incidents spike since Trump election,


First US Somali lawmaker gets 'Islamophobic threats' in taxi,

Trump may put 5 military officers in top posts. That’s unprecedented,

An Open Letter from Scientists to President-Elect Trump on Climate Change,

Radio Conspiracy Theorist Claims Ear Of Trump, Pushes 'Pizzagate' Fictions,

Trump's Presidency Is Shaping Up to Be an American Tragedy,

Kellyanne Conway Slips Up, Implies Trump White House Will Be Terrible Place For Women,

Brooklyn Man Who Pulled Woman’s Hijab Is Charged With a Hate Crime,

Trump Admits His Threat To Lock Up Clinton Was Just For Show,

Trump says ‘nobody really knows’ if climate change is real,

This is what happens when Donald Trump attacks a private citizen on Twitter,

Man stabs worshiper near Simi Valley mosque in hate crime, police allege,

Flynn’s Twitter Account Follows Racists and Conspiracy Theorists,

Donald Trump Taps Rick Perry To Head Agency He Once Forgot,

Donald Trump Is An Authoritarian Strongman Dictator,

Hundreds of Silicon Valley engineers are pledging not to help Trump build a Muslim database,

Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda,

How the alt-right’s sexism lures men into white supremacy,

Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?,

U.S.-China Relations in the Age of Trump,

As Trump Tweets, China Quietly Weighs Options to Retaliate,

Trump has no idea how to run a superpower, say Chinese media,

Trump’s Cabinet Is a Coup Waiting to Happen,

California was so anti-Trump that some Republicans don’t want to include it on the 2016 map,

How Republics End,

Trump fans’ ‘Deploraball’ party descends into chaotic infighting over Nazi salutes and book burnings,

'How Propaganda Works’ Is a Timely Reminder for a Post-Truth Age,

Shady Pastor to Pray With Trump at Inauguration,

George Takei: I Lost Family in Hiroshima. Mr. Trump, Nuclear Weapons Are No Game.,

Wielding Claims of ‘Fake News,’ Conservatives Take Aim at Mainstream Media,

Trump CIA Pick: Dangerous Christian Extremist,

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Speech Is About You,

Soprano Won't Sing For Trump, Quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir,


There was one moment in Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing that revealed why so many are so terrified of him,

Coretta Scott King's 1986 statement and testimony on Jeff Sessions's U.S. District Court nomination in Alabama,

Jeff Sessions Rejects Separation of Church and State,

An episode of the 1950s western TV series 'Trackdown' featured a character named Walter Trump who claimed he would build a wall in order to protect a town from the end of the world.,

America is off the tracks,

Trump is following the authoritarian playbook,


Betsy DeVos: American Schools Should Advance ‘God’s Kingdom’,

Stop Making Sense, or How to Write in the Age of Trump,

I voted for Donald Trump, and I already regret it,

How MLK can get you out of your 'Trump Slump'

‘He Has This Deep Fear That He Is Not a Legitimate President’,

Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent,

Suspected US drone strikes kill three al-Qaida suspects in Yemen, officials say,

With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift,

Trump Shuts Down Interior Dept. Twitter After Image Embarrassed Him,

Trump reverses abortion policy for aid to NGOs,

Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Surrounded By Men,

The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence,

Trump Inauguration Sets Stage For Christian Theocracy,

EPA Freezes Grants, Tells Employees Not To Talk About It, Sources Say,

Trump advances Keystone, Dakota Access pipelines,

Donald Trump Could Be Starting a New Cold War With China. But He Has Little Chance of Winning,

Trump and Netanyahu Are Going To Get Jews Killed — Unless They Change Course,

Trump to Sign Temporary Immigration Ban Targeting Muslims and Blocking Most Refugees,

Trump CIA Pick Mike Pompeo Depicted War on Terror as Islamic Battle Against Christianity,

Meet Mike Pompeo, the far-right Christian zealot with Islamophobe ties who will lead Trump’s CIA,

“This Evil Is All Around Us” - Trump’s pick for the CIA, Mike Pompeo, sees foreign policy as a vehicle for holy war.,

Trump on waterboarding: 'We have to fight fire with fire',

Why Orwell’s ‘1984’ matters so much now,

The resistance will be tweeted,

Read Draft Text Of Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Muslim Entry To The U.S.,

Trump calls Chelsea Manning 'ungrateful TRAITOR' for Obama criticism,

Big city mayors vow to defy Trump on sanctuary cities order,

U.S. downgraded to flawed democracy for the first time,

If Trump can threaten my rights, he can do the same for any of us,

Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his claims about inauguration crowd,

As a Jew whose grandparents escaped the Holocaust, I know the warning signs in Trump’s speech when I see them,

Contrary to Trump’s Claims, Immigrants Are Less Likely to Commit Crimes,

China 'deploys long-range nuclear-capable missiles to coast' in response to Donald Trump's 'aggression',

EPA goes rogue, launches unofficial Twitter account that Donald Trump can’t censor,

Trump signs executive order to keep out 'radical Islamic terrorists',

Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Trump on immigration,

Donald Trump wants to 'close up' the Internet,

Hours after Trump signs Muslim ban, Texas mosque goes up in flames,

Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries,

American 'Christianity' Has Failed,

Student, doctor, son banned by Trump: Now what?,

Apple, Uber, Netflix, Twitter join corporate rebuke of Trump immigration policy,

Trump's Views on Science Are Shockingly Ignorant,

Booker alleges Trump executive order is Muslim ban in speech to Dulles protesters,

U.S. Commanders Deeply Concerned About Trump’s Refugee And Travel Ban,

Did a Dr. Seuss WWII Political Cartoon Criticize American Isolationism?,

Suspect in deadly Canadian mosque shooting charged with six counts of murder,


A Clarifying Moment in American History,

Donald Trump's travel ban fundamentally changes American history,

Trump's heartland voters shrug off global uproar over immigration ban,

Trump Silent As Quebec Mosque Terrorist Is White Christian Pro-Trump Fanatic,

Inside the confusion of the Trump executive order and travel ban,

Acting attorney general declares Justice Department won’t defend Trump’s immigration order,

Obama backs protests erupting in response to Trump policies,

Iran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolution, US officials say,

Suspect in Quebec Mosque Attack Quickly Depicted as a Moroccan Muslim. He’s a White Nationalist.,

AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states,

Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates,

Republicans Begin to Break With President Trump,

Robert Reich: 15 warning signs of impending Trump tyranny,

Silicon Valley lashes out at Trump ban,

Google's Sergey Brin And Sundar Pichai Deliver Stirring Speeches During Employee Walkout,

'Outraged by this order' — here's the speech Google cofounder Sergey Brin just gave attacking Trump's immigration ban,

With The Stroke Of A Pen, Trump May Have Sparked An American Brain Drain,

Trump Flirts With Theocracy,

Ken Ham Says Trump Election Victory Is Proof God's in Control,

Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies,


Jerry Falwell Jr. Asked to Lead Trump Higher Education Task Force,

Steve Bannon’s own words show sharp break on security issues,

President Trump Warns Mexico He Might Send U.S. Troops to Take Care of 'Bad Hombres',

Impeachment or Impairment -- the Inevitability of Trump’s Removal,

It may only take 3.5% of the population to topple a dictator – with civil resistance,

On Gorsuch, it's evangelicals vs. atheists,

Did Neil Gorsuch Quote Henry Kissinger in His Yearbook Entry?,

Eight-year-old American girl 'killed in Yemen raid approved by Trump',

Trump Twitter Bursts Throw Decades-Old Alliances Into Chaos,

McCain Steps In to Ease Tension With Australia Over Trump Insult,

At First National Prayer Breakfast, Trump Slams ‘Apprentice,’ Says ‘We Have to Be Tough’ on World,

Leaked Draft of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination,

Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt',

What Unearthed Radio Recordings Tell Us About Steve Bannon's Worldview,

Clips from Breitbart radio show reveal Trump's relationship with Stephen Bannon,

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Started 'Fascism Forever' Club at Elite Prep School,

Trump Says He’ll ‘Destroy’ Law Keeping Churches Out of Politics,

How Each Senator Voted on Trump’s Cabinet and Administration Nominees,

What The %*#@ Just Happened Today?,

Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban,

Trump White House Preparing New Sanctions on Iran, Officials Say,

Former Norwegian Prime Minister held for questioning at Washington DC Airport ‘because he visited Iran',

Trump’s Bluntness Unsettles World Leaders,

German magazine Der Spiegel’s shocking anti-Trump cover sparks instant controversy,

Europe Must Defend Itself Against A Dangerous President,

Clear and present danger: Maybe this is how democracy ends,

14 Versions Of Trump’s Presidency, From #MAGA To Impeachment,

Howard Stern Says Presidency Will Be ‘Detrimental’ to Trump’s Mental Health,

Iran Carries Out Military Drills as Standoff With U.S. Heats Up,

The Trump Administration Is Recklessly Escalating Tensions With Iran,

Sanders on Trump: 'This guy is a fraud',

Donald Trump's most bone-chilling tweet,

Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying,

For Andrew Puzder, Labor Nominee, Fighting for Owners’ Interests Began Early,

The plan to make the EPA “great again” isn’t so great for science,

Legal Scholars: Why Congress Should Impeach Donald Trump,

Lady Gaga sent hidden message to Trump at her Super Bowl performance,

What Effective Protest Could Look Like,

Tesla and SpaceX join 97 other companies in opposing Trump's immigration ban,

Alex Jones: “I’m Ready To Die For Trump”,

Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump,

Donald Trump, the arsonist-in-chief?,

Donald Trump repeats respect for 'killer' Putin in Fox Super Bowl interview,

Trump calls California 'out of control' in interview before Super Bowl,

What If 'Something Happens' After Judge's Ruling On Trump's Travel Ban?,

Final phase of Dakota Access pipeline to be approved, a major blow to Standing Rock Sioux,

More Than 650,000 People Have Joined a Campaign to Impeach President Trump,

Iran’s Supreme Leader Thanks Trump for Showing America’s ‘True Face’,

Donald Trump's universe of alternative facts,

Donald Trump: 'I think I could've nailed Princess Diana',

One Type Of Terrorism Really Is Underreported -- Right-Wing Terrorism Many Of The Cases Trump Omitted Were Inspired By Conservative Misinformation And The American "Alt-Right",

Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable,

Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into ‘Islamic States of America’,

Steve Bannon Wants To Start World War III,

Exclusive - Trump border 'wall' to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report,

Martin Luther King's Daughter Weighs In On Ways To Make A Difference While Trump Is In Office,

The 50 Craziest Things Trump Has Done As President | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ,

Anger erupts at Republican town halls,

Betsy DeVos Asked Twitter A Question. It Did Not Go Well.,

If you thought Trump's travel ban was bad, what he has planned next for American Muslims could be devastating,

Donald Trump is helping Iran’s radicals,

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states,

My dad predicted Trump in 1985 – it's not Orwell, he warned, it's Brave New World,

How much do the early days of the Trump administration look like the Third Reich? Historian Richard Evans weighs in.,

Anti-Trump march in Mexico City march draws 20,000 people demanding respect for country and its migrants in protest at planned border wall and increased deportations,

“We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“,

Read These Books to Fight Back Against Donald Trump,

In despotic declaration, Trump senior advisor says Trump’s power “will not be questioned”,

Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser,

The 3 Trump-Russia scandals, explained,

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Ran a National Islamophobic Campaign While at Duke,

Pat Robertson: Opposition To Trump Is Revolt Against God,

Prominent Christian leaders take out full-page ad in Washington Post denouncing President Trump’s refugee ban,

The Pentagon mulls troops on the ground in Syria,

18 WTF Moments From Trump's Unhinged Press Conference,

Former Bush administration official ominously warns Trump's presidency 'will probably end in calamity',

Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve,

What Happens When A President Doesn’t Like To Read? We’re Already Finding Out.,

Trump supporters cheer his combative stance with the media,

Americans Are Still Stressed About the Election,

Climate change: How Trump could become the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism,

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump,

More bomb threats target Jewish community. Trump finally responds,


Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget,

'That's How Dictators Get Started': McCain Defends the Free Press,

Trump in 2007: ‘I’m Excited’ for Housing Market Crash,

Black Lawmaker Calls Bannon ‘Racist,’ Says He’s Not Invited to Trump Meeting,

Melania Trump Opens Fascist Rally With Prayer,

The ‘Blacks for Trump’ Guy Is a Former Member of a Murderous Cult Who Thinks Obama Is the Devil,

How Norway Avoided Becoming a Fascist State: Donald Trump’s obvious affection for authoritarians is prompting worried comparisons of our polarized country to the polarized Germany of the 1920s and ’30s ,

US nuclear-powered carrier enters South China Sea - Strong possibility Trump could raise interference: experts,

The Middle East 'peace process' was a myth. Donald Trump ended it,

The Resistance Calendar,

The Social Scientific Case Against a Muslim Ban,

Trump supporters see a successful president — and are frustrated with critics who don’t - ,

We’re All Cucks Now A Conversation with David Frum,

In Trump’s Volleys, Echoes of Alex Jones’s Conspiracy Theories,

Trump blames “very respected” generals for Navy SEAL's death in botched Yemen raid,

California to Trump: What 'American carnage'? Things are far safer here than in the rest of America,

What I Heard From Trump Supporters,

I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.,

School Asks Teachers To Take Down Pro-Diversity Posters, Saying They’re ‘Anti-Trump’,

Christians Are Mad the Pope Is Still Subtweeting President Trump,

‘This is not Trump’s America’: Passengers cheer as racist man kicked off flight for harassing Pakistanis,

Kansas town reels months after foiled mosque bombing: 'I'm still scared' - Against the background of the 2016 election, a militia allegedly targeted Garden City’s 500-strong Somali community. With anti-Muslim hate groups reportedly surging, residents seek healing – and prefer not to talk about Trump,

Trump on deportations: 'It's a military operation',

Trump wants to make sure U.S. nuclear arsenal at 'top of the pack',

FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories,

Report: Intelligence officials withhold information from Trump,

I'm a Silicon Valley liberal, and I traveled across the country to interview 100 Trump supporters — here's what I learned,

With The Stroke Of A Pen, Trump May Have Sparked An American Brain Drain,

Trump’s Campaign CEO Ran a Secretive Sci-Fi Project in the Arizona Desert,

Iran Carries Out Military Drills as Standoff With U.S. Heats Up,

Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?,

An Illegitimate Presidency,

Sean Spicer just said we should expect an anti-marijuana crackdown under Trump,

White House blocks CNN, New York Times from press briefing hours after Trump slams media,

After Trump calls media an enemy of the people, White House bars many news outlets from briefing,

Trump Gives Pen to Dow Chemical CEO After Signing Executive Order to Eliminate Regulations,

Potential Trump Science Adviser Says Climate Change Is Great,


Disgusted By Trump, A CIA Officer Quits. How Many More Could Follow?,

Syrian who worked on nominated film can't attend Oscars,

The Trump Administration’s Not-So-Benign Neglect - While we’re watching the scandals du jour, the president and his top advisers are dismantling the federal government.,

Trump Will Be First President In 36 Years To Skip White House Correspondents' Dinner,

Trump's call for US nuclear supremacy raises questions,

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Are Spiking In The U.S. Donald Trump Won’t Speak Up.,

Trump’s taunts are stirring a level of nationalism Mexico hasn’t seen in years,

Trump to Ask for Sharp Increases in Military Spending, Officials Say,

It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban,

We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government,

Trump says Obama behind leaks,

We Are Living in the Second Chapter of the Worst-Case Scenario - ,

White House Press Distribution List Apparently Includes Site That Says Israel Planned 9/11,

Hate in the Age of Trump - All across America, Klan and neo-Nazi groups are not only flourishing—they’re joining forces.,

George W. Bush Slams Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Like The Racism’,

Trump signs executive order to roll back clean water rule,

AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit he hasn't earned,

Trump’s Proposed Increase in U.S. Defense Spending Would Be 80 Percent of Russia’s Entire Military Budget,

Trump relied on Breitbart news to claim Obama tapped his phones,

Jeff Sessions Deals a Blow to Black Lives Matter,

Donald Trump Is Making America White Again - His executive orders target minorities, and his rhetoric has licensed hate crimes.,

Bannon, Adviser Behind Travel Ban, Is Fan of Novel About Feces-Eating, Dark-Skinned Immigrants Destroying White Society,

Carson says slaves were ‘immigrants’ with dreams for their children,

AP FACT CHECK: How Trump's Keystone XL story fell apart,

The EPA's science office just removed the word 'science' from its mission statement,

These Organizations Will Critically Need Support During Trump’s Presidency,

Trump cites Andrew Jackson as his hero — and a reflection of himself - The Washington Post,

Trump's budget to slash foreign aid and green-energy funding,

The White House Said After-School Programs Don't Help Kids. Here's What the Research Says,

George W. Bush Gave Us Donald Trump. Now He Wants To Be Forgiven.,

"Bannon's films call for a war that resets the entire world",

Donald Trump Isn’t Even Pretending to Oppose Goldman Sachs Anymore,

Donald Trump: America's Marie Antoinette,

2 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever.,

Could Meals On Wheels Really Lose Funding? Yes, But It's Hard To Say How Much,

Pence Tells Florida Megachurch 'We Feel It' When People Pray for President Trump,

Trump’s Laptop Ban Isn’t Just Misguided and Xenophobic. It’s a Giant Middle Finger to Business Travelers.,

In an Unprecedented No-Show, the U.S. Pulls Out of Planned Human Rights Hearing,

Trump's problem with truth,

Tech and terrorism experts question Trump's airline electronics ban: It 'makes absolutely no sense',

Bill Gates takes his campaign against “America First” directly to Donald Trump today,

President Trump's Interview With TIME on Truth and Falsehoods,

Trump defends wild claims: 'I'm President, and you're not',

Trump to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline Today, Groups Vow 'The Fight Is Not Over',

Trump Is Dragging Us Into Another War And No One Is Talking About It,

Trump’s War on Terror Has Quickly Become as Barbaric and Savage as He Promised,

The airstrike in Mosul was potentially one of the worst U.S.-led civilian bombings in 25 years,

Trump scraps Clean Power Plan: What that means for Earth,

House Republicans Vote To Let Your Internet Service Provider Share Your Web History,

War Under Trump Means More Troops, More Deaths, and Less Caution,

Trump administration stops disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria,

UC sees 1st drop in international applicants in more than decade,

Bombing the $h*t Out Of Them,

Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a ‘Cuck’ and ‘Globalist’ Behind His Back,

Majority Of Republicans Said ‘No’ When Obama Wanted To Launch A Strike On Syria,

Donald Trump's travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama spent in two years,

Russia outraged over U.S. missile strikes in Syria,

The Coming Incompetence Crisis,

Russia sends warship to battlegroup off Syrian coast,

US and China, World's Worst Polluters, Won't Discuss Climate Change at Summit,

The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly,

Russia and Iran warn US they will 'respond with force' if red lines crossed in Syria again,

Inauguration speaker Franklin Graham: God allowed Donald Trump to win,

I Thought I Understood the American Right. Trump Proved Me Wrong.,

Jessica Chastain on Donald J. Trump: Sometimes you need an adversary to wake yourself up,

How to Stand Up to Trump and Win,

There’s a Reason So Many Latino Immigrants Are “Illegal” and European Immigrants Aren’t. (The Reason Is Racism.),

'It felt like the heavens were falling': Afghans reel from Moab impact,

Why scientists are fighting back. We’ve had enough of Trump’s war on facts,

Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement,

Alex Jones’ (Trump appeared on his show) Defense in Upcoming Custody Battle Is That He’s a Fake,

The Evangelical Roots of Our Post-Truth Society,

A ‘Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion’ in North Korea,

North Korea: Mike Pence says 'strategic patience is over' in White House's latest hint at military action,

North Korean envoy at UN warns of nuclear war possibility,


Inside the Underground Anti-Racist Movement That Brings the Fight to White Supremacists,

Trump Cabinet Plots Christian Theocracy During Weekly Bible Study Meetings,

The Planet Can’t Stand This Presidency,

Here Are Some of the Best Signs From the March for Science,

Anti-Semitic incidents have reached levels unseen in recent years, Anti-Defamation League report says,

Donald Trump Is Unintelligible,

Trump’s Defining Trait: It’s his insecurity. Why that should frighten us all.,

The Violent Clashes In Berkeley Weren't 'Pro-Trump' Versus 'Anti-Trump',

Launch of crime victim office comes after White House releases list of criminal immigrants riddled with inaccuracy,

Trump Tax Plan Would Shift Trillions From U.S. Coffers to the Richest -,

Trump Floats Idea of “Breaking Up” the Court Ruling Against Him Like an Old Fashioned Dictator,

Exclusive: Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life

Donald Trump and the Transformation of White Evangelicals,

Donald Trump to strip all funding from State Department team promoting women's rights around the world

In interview Trump says 'major conflict' with North Korea is possible,

EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades

Trump gets a load of hot air: Leonardo DiCaprio and thousands of green warriors brave 90F heat to march in DC and across America on the president's 100th day in office,

The New Yorker Declares War on Trump With Explosive Story


Trump Just Said Andrew Jackson Was Alive In Civil War. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Perfect,

Spicer: Trump 'clearly stands by' description of Obama as evil

With Civil War Remark, a President Who Doesn’t Go by the (History) Book -,

New Alt-Right “Fight Club” Ready for Street Violence

Factlet of the Day: 488 Lies in 100 Days

Trump’s Degradation of the Language -

Frustrated by failures, Trump now demands more power - The Washington Post

Playboy Interview: Donald Trump (1990) | Playboy

Journalist Tweets Photos Of Empty Seats From Trump's 'All-Time' Record-Breaking Rally | HuffPost

EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades - The Washington Post

Trump will tap Teresa Manning, a woman who thinks birth control doesn’t work, to lead U.S. birth control program.

White House aims for Thursday signing of religious liberty executive order - POLITICO

Report: Trump Will Sign ‘License To Discriminate’ Religious Freedom Order

Trump has a dangerous disability - The Washington Post

‘Their dream president’: Trump just gave white evangelicals a big boost - The Washington Post

Trump’s Religious Liberty Executive Order Is a Triumph of Fake News

Trump Deletes Tweet Saying It Was 'Honor' To Host Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas - NBC News

McCain: Trump's praise of North Korea's Kim Jong Un 'disturbing' - POLITICO

Donald Trump: What He Has Done For Women In His First 100 Days |

Robert Reich: Donald Trump’s guiding philosophy is authoritarianism -

Trump singles out historically black college funds in signing statement -

Trump Isn’t a Pragmatist. He Doesn’t Understand Ideology.

Mike Pence’s most controversial stances on gay rights, abortion, and smoking - Business Insider

Scott Pruitt removes scientists from EPA advisory panels to make room for industry advocates

Pence says Christianity is most persecuted faith

Lester Holt: 1, President Trump: 0 in Businesslike Grilling on Russia & Comey

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Orders Stricter Charges, Sentences In Drug Crimes: The Two-Way : NPR

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Just Doubled Down on the Immoral, Racist, and Counterproductive War on Drugs | American Civil Liberties Union

Trump is threatening to release secret Comey “tapes” and cancel press briefings - Vox

Trump: ‘In America We Do Not Worship Government, We Worship God’ - The Atlantic

Sorry, Folks, But Donald Trump Is Everything We Deserve | By David Macaray | Common Dreams

Do You Realize How Far Trump's Religion Speech Went? | Psychology Today

The Economist's David Rennie made a crucial point about Trump's policy

Trump doesn’t embody what’s wrong with Washington. Pence does. - The Washington Post

Christian university crowd goes wild when Trump introduced as 'man who bombed Middle East' | The Independent

Trump to Erdogan: Congrats on dismantling democracy! - The Washington Post

Controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he will take Homeland Security job - LA Times

Actual Fascist David Clarke Nominated for Homeland Security

Joe Lieberman, three others will meet with Trump about FBI director job - The Washington Post

‘People Here Think Trump Is a Laughingstock’ - POLITICO Magazine

The Criminal President? -

A black congressman called for Trump’s impeachment. Lynching threats followed, he said.

Sheriff David Clarke's thesis deleted from school's website after plagiarism accusation | TheHill

Trump opens Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology with Egypt's al-Sissi, Saudi Arabia's Salman - The Washington Post

Trump's Islam Speech in Saudi Arabia Paves Way for War With Iran

Protesting Notre Dame students walk out of Pence’s commencement speech - The Washington Post

There Is Growing Bipartisan Opposition to Trump’s Unauthorized Military Actions | The Nation

Trump Slammed Michelle Obama For Not Covering Hair In Saudi Arabia, But...

How Trump’s budget helps the rich at the expense of the poor - The Washington Post

Trump Praised Philippines President Duterte For Drug War That Has Killed 9,000 People | HuffPost

Trump is deleting climate change, one site at a time | US news | The Guardian

I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past. - The Washington Post

Trump’s statement on Ramadan is almost entirely about terrorism - The Washington Post

The Essential Resistance Reading List – The Establishment

Trump Called Rodrigo Duterte to Congratulate Him on His Murderous Drug War: “You Are Doing an Amazing Job”

Warning: President Pence Would Be Worse Than President Trump

Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump's America: 'We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands' | The Independent

How Saudi Arabia played Donald Trump - The Washington Post

Former NATO envoy: ‘This seems to be the end of an era’ | TheHill

How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream | Mother Jones

The Bullshitter-in-Chief - Vox

Do the Math: How Much Trump Could Raise U.S. Carbon Emissions - Scientific American

Grand Canyon at risk as Arizona officials ask Trump to end uranium mining ban | Environment | The Guardian

Eric Trump Says Those Who Oppose His Dad Are ‘Not Even People’

KING: Trump supporters are calling for Muslim internment camps - NY Daily News

Donald Trump has unleashed a white crime wave

Terror in Iran reveals the hypocrisy of Trump and his allies - The Washington Post

Nevertheless, She Tweeted: #BlockedByTrump Singer-Songwriter Holly Figueroa O’Reilly Talks Free-Speech Crusade

Anti-Trump protester: 'Is this my last free birthday?' | USA | Al Jazeera

You Will Never Get Your Country Back | HuffPost

Delta Sponsored 2012 Guthrie Theater Season Which Featured Obama Inspired Julius Caesar

Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers - The Washington Post

Iraqi Christians Face 'Death Sentence' as Trump Prepares Mass Deportations

US Prepares to Deport Hundreds of Iraqi Christians | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

The crisis over Qatar highlights Trump’s foreign policy confusion - The Washington Post

NowThis on Twitter: "Trump is giving voice to the religious right – and it's terrifying"

Everyone Donald Trump Has Blocked on Twitter: A Running List | WIRED

Neil Buchanan: Is Trump Naive? Stupid? Evil? Or All of the Above?

President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List - The New York Times

Meet the horsemen of our environmental apocalypse -

Trump’s travel ban still doesn’t make any sense - The Washington Post

Trump's new foil: a silent Barack Obama -

Trump Mocks Mika Brzezinski; Says She Was ‘Bleeding Badly From a Face-lift’ -

Trump preparing order requiring food aid be transported on American ships: report | TheHill

Trump Takes More Aggressive Stance With U.S. Friends and Foes in Asia -

Donald Trump did more than 'wrestle' CNN in a video. He attacked democracy | Robert Reich | Opinion | The Guardian

White House stays silent on anti-Semitic connection of Trump's anti-CNN video -

My daughter was killed by Donald Trump’s botched attack in Yemen

The Hijacked American Presidency

Trump's alarming environmental rollback: what's been scrapped so far

'Disturbing' Undertones Detected in Trump's Bizarre Poland Speech

The Network Against the Leader of the Free World

ICE Officers Told to Take Action Against All Undocumented Immigrants Encountered While on Duty

Is Trump launching a new New World Order?

GOP Senator Calls Trump Presidency ‘Biblical Miracle’

Watch: Trump Hits on France's First Lady in Front of Macron

The Daily 202: Only 1 in 4 Americans strongly support Trump

Trump makes inappropriate remarks about young girl – video

Is there a goal in all of this: the argument for a paranoid, worst-case scenario

I’m a scientist. I’m blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.

During Trump's 'Made in America' week, Mar-a-Lago Club seeks more foreign workers


Unpresidential Command Trump is ordering service members to support the Republican agenda. That is terrifying.

Pres. Trump Just Cursed In Front Of 40,000 Boy Scout Children In Unhinged Speech

Dissecting Trump’s Most Rabid Online Following

Trump administration officially files to make it easier to frack public lands


The 17 most jaw-dropping moments of Donald Trump’s speech to Boy Scouts

How Trump fulfilled a 30-year fantasy of becoming president, with a little help from the Kremlin

Whistleblower Case Shows How Trump Tries to Silence Science

The worst is yet to come

Trump to cops: 'Don't be too nice'

Long Island Police Department Contradicts Trump: We Won’t Tolerate Brutality

President Trump Encourages Violence Yet Again

At EPA museum, climate-change displays are out and coal may be on the way in

Team Trump's Bible Study: Weekly Worship Meeting at the White House

The White House used a familiar excuse to dismiss Trump's comments about roughing up police suspects

Report: Trump Cabinet members attend weekly Bible study

Tillerson's State Department Drops Stated Mission to Promote Democracy

Trump Cabinet Is Undergoing a 'Spiritual Awakening' Thanks to Bible Group, Boasts Evangelical Pastor

Transcripts Show How Contentious Trump’s Calls Were With Mexican and Australian Leaders

A Vatican Shot Across the Bow for Hard-Line U.S. Catholics

Robert Reich Pens Brutal List of 11 Trump Facts You Need to Show Hard Headed Trump Supporters

The Policies of White Resentment

Trump’s Silence On Minnesota Mosque Attack Speaks Volumes

Trump’s Fledgling Presidency Has Already Collapsed

Extremists' "Unite the Right" Rally: A Possible Historic Alt-Right Showcase?

Trump Advisor: God Wants Trump To Take Out Kim Jong-Un

'God has given Donald Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-un,' President's evangelical adviser says

Trump plan could open Giant Sequoia monument to logging

Trump says he won't rule out military option in Venezuela

27 National Monuments Are Under Review. Here Are Five to Watch.

Trump tells Fox he's considering pardon for 'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio

Trump Condemned Racism As ‘Evil.’ Here Are 16 Times He Embraced It.

Justice Dept. Demands Data on Visitors to Anti-Trump Website, Sparking Fight

Trump retweets alt-right conspiracy theorist on Chicago homicides in wake of Charlottesville criticism

Trump says both sides to blame amid Charlottesville backlash

Trump Asks, ‘What About the Alt-Left?’ Here’s an Answer

Trump Plugs His Charlottesville Winery After Defending White Supremacist Rally

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump 'Completely Unhinged' Following Press Conference

The Other Inconvenient Truth

Trump embraces culture war with call to preserve Confederate statues

6 in 10 people who approve of Trump say they'll never, ever, ever stop approving

Donald Trump praises (hoax) mass murder of Muslims

Kevin Durant says he’s skipping the White House visit and his Warriors teammates ‘all agree’

What Trump's Increasing Isolation Could Mean For His Presidency


Donald Trump's 57 most outrageous quotes from his Arizona speech

Trump Takes Authoritarian Stance In Portraying Journalists As Anti-American Enemy

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser: Opposition To Trump Is Opposition To God

'Shades of 1933 Germany': Trump's Hostile Rally Prompts Third Reich Comparisons

Paula White is telling the truth—just not about Trump

Trump just cranked up the rivalry between two nuclear giants

Trump pardons former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Press adviser responsible for finding positive news about Trump leaves job

Why Joe Arpaio was found guilty

President Trump Should Be Impeached for Pardoning Joe Arpaio

The Long, Lawless Ride of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

State Department Science Envoy Explains Why Trump Drove Him to Resign

Trump to lift military gear ban for local police

Trump Forges Ahead on Costly Nuclear Overhaul


Trump’s Obsession With Dismantling Obama’s Legacy Just Put Millions Of Texans’ Lives At Risk

'We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation'

Trump Has Essentially Abdicated The Basic Responsibilities Of A President

Arpaio pardon may be opening act of a constitutional crisis

Trump signed letter of intent for Russian tower during campaign, lawyer says

Trump's rollback of flood protections risks further Houston-style calamity

Trump treasury secretary won't commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

Donald Trump's cyber-security advisers resign warning of 'insufficient attention to the growing threats'

David Clarke’s Awful Book Explains Why He Should Be Nowhere Near Power

Sheriff Clarke joins pro-Trump super PAC

Why the Right is Suddenly Terrified of Political Violence

Stasi: After hurricane, Trump taps climate change denier for NASA

Scott Pruitt is leaving a toxic trail at EPA after only 6 months on the job

Senators Grill Trump Nominee Who Suggested Religion Overruled The Constitution

The First White President

‘Trump betrays everyone’: The president has a long record as an unpredictable ally

Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule

Study: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man

Hillary Clinton: Trump’s inaugural address was ‘a cry from the white-nationalist gut’

Influential lawyer who inspired Trump’s Muslim ban claims ‘whites are genetically superior’ to people of color

Report: CIA Director Mike Pompeo Brings Christianity to Agency


White House says Jemele Hill calling Trump a racist is a ‘fireable offense.’ Trump once called Obama a racist.

Trump Blocks China-Backed Lattice Bid

White House takes steps to allow drilling in Alaska Arctic refuge

Ta-Nehisi Coates: 'You might be a white supremacist'

Trump retweets GIF of him hitting Clinton with golf ball

How The Trump Nightmare Ends

'Genocidal' Trump Blasted for Threatening to 'Totally Destroy North Korea'

Here was John Kelly's reaction during Trump's big UN speech

Tourism to the US declined in early 2017: report

‘Shameless, ignorant, new Hitler’: Iran & Venezuela fire back after Trump criticism at UN

Melania Trump condemns bullying — and raises some eyebrows — in her first U.N. speech

What Total Destruction of North Korea Means


Trump cranks up N.Korea threats as Pyongyang holds anti-U.S. rally

Trump vs. Kim: Political theater or prelude to apocalypse?

Is Trump All Talk on North Korea? The Uncertainty Sends a Shiver

Expect a ‘ferocious’ response from North Korea if the US launches a strike

Donald Trump: World-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall likens US President to a chimpanzee



Donald Trump. Speeches. Tweets. Policy. Unedited. Unfiltered. Instantly.

In newly surfaced Howard Stern interview, Trump joked about giving Princess Di an HIV test

Trump admits to 'feeling up' Melania in public in newly released tapes

Take a Knee for Humanity

LISTEN: Trump brags about turning away in disgust as elderly Mar-A-Lago guest lay bleeding on the floor

8 Revelations from Trump’s uncovered Howard Stern interviews

Trump undercuts Tillerson's efforts on North Korea

A Duty To Warn: The Most Dangerous Man In the World

Trump contradicts Tillerson on North Korea, the latest in a series of put-downs - The Washington Post

Top US General Says Exiting Iran Nuclear Pact Would Make Future Deals Tough

Tillerson’s Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence

Donald Trump's chilling escalation of his war with the media

Donald Trump is treating a potential war like a reality show cliffhanger

House panel approves $10B for border wall

Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth Control Mandate

Trump on North Korea: ‘Sorry, but only one thing will work!’


Undercover With the Alt-Right

BREAKING: Trump Leaker Resigns, Releases Blistering Statement

Eric Reid: Vice President’s visit was a P.R. Stunt

Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’

How America Lost Its Mind

A ‘pressure cooker’: Trump’s frustration and fury rupture alliances, threaten agenda - The Washington Post

Inside Trump’s Head: An Exclusive Interview With the President, And The Single Theory That Explains Everything

Britain makes battle plans for war with North Korea: Top brass could send new aircraft carrier BEFORE it's had flight trials as Trump says 'only one thing will work' after 25 years of failed talks

Eminem blasts President Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards (GRAPHIC)

“I Hate Everyone in the White House!”: Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is “Unraveling”

Sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump: 15 women say he groped, kissed, or assaulted them

Evangelical conservatives are proving their harshest critics right - The Washington Post

Stephan Fry: I have nothing to add (video)

Trump’s claim that a U.S. interceptor can knock out ICBMs ’97 percent of the time’ - The Washington Post

Trump Plans to Pull The U.S. Out Of The Cultural Arm Of The U.N.

Donald Trump Jr says college campuses teach Americans to hate their country and religion

Donald Trump Jr. says women who “can’t handle” sexual harassment “don’t belong in the workforce”: “Go teach kindergarten”

Dismantling Obamacare: what has Trump done and who will it affect?

Fueled by Trump, upcoming Values Voter conference represents peak convergence of anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim movements

Trump is coming unraveled — and Republicans know it: Robert Reich

Trump Reportedly Joked That Pence ‘Wants To Hang’ All Gays

Christian Activist: God will Curse Children, Grandchildren of Trump Critics

Trump says he’s fulfilled his promises to Christians, but he really means white evangelicals - The Washington Post

Trump White House debates presidential visit to demilitarized zone along North Korean border - The Washington Post

George W. Bush Condemns Trumpism, But Skips His Role In Its Rise

Trump Pick For Top Job Calls Global Warming ‘Paganism’ For ‘Secular Elites’

Wishing for Trump’s impeachment? 5 reasons the next president could be even more dangerous

This is what Steve Bannon told the California Republican Party convention

Someone whose statements always need explaining should not be president

With Trump, Warns Belafonte, Echoes of Hitler 'Not Too Far From Our Door'

America’s Biggest Private Prison Company Just Hosted Its Annual Conference at a Trump Golf Resort

Tracking President Trump’s Visits to Trump Properties

The nuclear dreams of President Donald Trump

B-2 bomber make rounds in Pacific ahead of Trump's visit

John Kelly calls Robert E. Lee an ‘honorable man’ and says ‘lack of compromise’ caused the Civil War - The Washington Post

Trump pollster: Sanders would have won general election

Citing The Bible, The EPA Just Changed Its Rules For Science Advisers

President Trump Committed Another Impeachable Offense on Friday

Why Harvey Weinstein is disgraced but Donald Trump is president

Trump Administration: Get Ready for Uranium Mining Around Grand Canyon

White House attacks legacies of both Bush presidents after reports that they refused to vote for Trump - The Washington Post

Trump adds the Saudi crown prince to his list of favorite autocrats

Anniversary of the Apocalypse

Trump's sarcastic insult of Kim Jong Un is a break with tradition - The Washington Post

How Trump Is Quietly Dismantling the Architecture of Global Governance

Kim Jong Un called Donald Trump a 'warmongering' 'lunatic old man' and Donald Trump was upset about 'old'

Human rights advocates: Trump's silence on Duterte's drug war 'dismaying'

Trump Lauds ‘Great Relationship’ With Duterte in Manila

How Donald Trump Is Destroying America In Three Easy Steps, According to John Oliver


Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that. - The Washington Post

The top US nuclear commander said he would resist an 'illegal' strike order from Trump

US threatens to close Palestinian office in Washington

America’s foreign policy: embrace thugs, dictators and strongmen

Trump administration to end provisional residency protection for 60,000 Haitians - The Washington Post

Trump’s threatened punishment over sanctuary policies blocked by judge’s final ruling

U.S. diplomats accuse Tillerson of breaking child soldiers law

Restoring North Korea to Terrorism Blacklist Dims Hopes for Talks

Inside Trump's decision to embrace Moore

Trump administration, in a gift to telecom firms, is pulling the plug on net neutrality

Trump: Media should compete for 'FAKE NEWS TROPHY'

Donald Trump’s long history of clashes with Native Americans - The Washington Post

Andrew Jackson was called ‘Indian killer.’ Trump honored Navajos in front of his portrait. - The Washington Post

The thing I still don't get about the "Access Hollywood" tape story

Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos

CIA Director Pompeo Lashes Out at Iran, Compares It to ISIS

Donald Trump and Howard Stern Discuss ‘Piece of Ass’ Daughter Ivanka in Newly Surfaced Audio

Trump shrinks two huge national monuments in Utah, drawing praise and protests


Turkey: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital would be ‘red line’ for Muslims

Sarah Sanders: Trump OK With Businesses Hanging Antigay Signs


Theological scholar explains horrifying reason Trump’s supporters celebrated Armageddon in Pensacola

Obama Warns Americans Against Following In The Path Of Nazi Germany

The real reason Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel was because he feared losing his evangelical voter base

US senator on North Korea: “Most Americans don’t realize how close we are to this war”

Trump Rally Cheers Because Jerusalem Move Will Launch Armageddon

White House contradicts Tillerson on North Korea, adding to confusion

‘Trump, Trump, Trump!’ How a President’s Name Became a Racial Jeer

Trump Admin To Remove Climate Change From List Of National Security Threats

The Trump Administration Word Ban Extends to Other Federal Agencies. Its Ongoing Assault on Science Is Much Worse.

The wholesale looting of America

WH denies NYT report claiming Trump said Haitian immigrants 'all have AIDS'

Federal judge partially lifts Trump's latest refugee restrictions

Trump presidential challenge coin says 'Make America Great Again' instead of national motto

Trump Terminated All Members Of HIV/AIDS Council Without Explanation

Trump moves to roll back Deepwater Horizon safety rules

The President Doesn't Care to Understand Global Warming

Incoherent, authoritarian, uninformed: Trump’s New York Times interview is a scary read

The Danger of President Pence

The 5 Simple Questions That Caused My Trump-Supporting Friend to Block Me

Pakistan Dismisses Trump’s Tweet on Aid as ‘Incomprehensible’

Trump Says His ‘Nuclear Button’ Is ‘Much Bigger’ Than North Korea’s

In 2018, who will have the courage to push the radical idea of world peace?

President Trump has made 1,950 false or misleading claims over 347 days

Trump’s Twitter Threats Put American Credibility on the Line

CDC to hold briefing on how public can prepare for nuclear war

Trump Alarms Lawmakers With Disparaging Words for Haiti and Africa

The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump

US ambassador resigns, saying he can no longer work with Trump

Will America Choose King’s Dream or Trump’s Nightmare?

Majority Of National Park Service Board Resigns, Citing Administration Indifference

How Trump convinced America that character doesn't matter

Being a mother in Hawaii during 38 minutes of nuclear fear

Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List

InTouch to Drop 5,000 Words From Stormy Daniels on Sex With Trump

Exclusive: Trump accuses Russia of helping North Korea evade sanctions; says U.S. needs more missile defense

‘Our democracy will not last’: Jeff Flake’s speech comparing Trump to Stalin, annotated

Raising an UnTrump

World's Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low

‘I just don’t like Muslim people’: Trump appointee resigns after racist, sexist and anti-gay remarks

Trump appointee Carl Higbie resigns as public face of agency that runs AmeriCorps after KFile review of racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT comments on the radio

Is This the Collusion We Were Waiting For?

The Women's Marches may have been the largest demonstration in US history

Trump imposes 30 percent tariff on solar panel imports

President’s Decision on Solar Tariffs is a Loss for America

9 bizarre things Trump did on the world stage in 2017 you probably forgot

Seoul worried US may launch limited strike, or 'preventive' action against North Korea

A man wanted to 'gun down' CNN. Would Trump have been to blame?

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees

If Trump gets his way, US astronauts will be grounded

Trump administration doubles down on Palestinian aid cutoff threat

Trump planning to sign executive order keeping Gitmo open: report

Trump’s Boring, Utterly Terrifying Warmongering

Michelle Obama tells Ellen to 'forget what they're saying in Washington'

White House to propose deep 72% cuts to wind and solar energy research programs

North Korea Says U.S. Actions Threaten Inter-Korean Relations

Trump’s South Korea ambassador pick opposed attacking the North. So Trump dumped him

Pentagon unveils new nuclear weapons strategy, ending Obama-era push to reduce U.S. arsenal

Carl Bernstein: These Could Be The Darkest Days Since Joe McCarthy

The Gang That Couldn’t Think Straight

Eric Trump says Democrats must clap for Trump if they love Jesus: Americans should be ‘united on God’

Boycott the Republican Party

Donald Trump thinks not clapping for him is 'treasonous'

3 Reasons Why So Many People Still Support Trump Nationalism, exceptionalism, narcissism, racism.

How Trump's North Korea 'Options' Could Lead to Nuclear War

Military parades are about ego and power. Of course Trump wants one.

Here’s what war with North Korea would look like

Omarosa: I wouldn't vote for Trump again "in a million years, never"

Trump tweets on lives 'being shattered ... by a mere allegation'


Trump proposes restricting choices for food stamp recipients

Trump’s Budget Would Partly Replace Food Stamp Benefits With Canned Goods

Mike Pence puts the inhumanity of Trumpism on display in Pyeongchang

Letter: Pence snub at Olympics continues U.S. diplomatic failures

By not standing for Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics, VP Mike Pence embarrassed America

Jeff Sessions's 'Anglo-American' comments, and the danger of the liberal Trump outrage machine

Trump Wants To Fire 248 National Weather Service Forecasters

Trump’s plan for teachers to pack guns is crazy, will only cause more violence, educators say

America’s Indefensible Alliance With The Philippines

Pruitt: Bible says ‘harvest the natural resources’

China Says New U.S. Sanctions Threaten Cooperation Over North Korea

In Donald Trump, Evangelicals Have Found Their President

U.S. Plan For Steel And Aluminum Tariffs Prompts Global Backlash

Putin's nuke plan shows broken bromance with Trump

‘Clearly, 42 percent of Republicans are out of their damn minds’

US anti-Russian sanctions are illegal, affecting the world - Kremlin

Trump says maybe US will have a president for life someday

Trump on China's Xi consolidating power: 'Maybe we'll give that a shot some day'

Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says 'hush agreement' invalid because he never signed

Trump sues California over immigration policies

The Trump administration is degrading the very idea of public service

Trump Lawyer’s Payment to Stormy Daniels Was Reported as Suspicious by Bank

Trump's immigration war with California has reached a fever pitch

Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips cost taxpayers about $10M so far

Trump calls Oakland mayor’s immigration warning ‘a disgrace’

Trump Is a Dangerous Idiot. So Why Are We Pushing Him Toward War?

Michael Cohen used Trump company email in Stormy Daniels arrangements

Waking Up with Sam Harris # 118 - The View From Trumpistan (with Preet Bharara)

California Leads U.S. Economy, Away From Trump

White House proposes arming teachers, backpedals on raising age to buy guns

Trump drops calls to raise guns age limit

Trump's pick for new CIA chief dogged by secret prisons

Why Trump’s admission that he made stuff up to Justin Trudeau is particularly bad

Stormy Daniels' lawyer says other women are considering legal cases against Trump

Lieu: Trump 'intentionally lying,' unfit for office

Local News Anchors Are Being Forced to Deliver Pro-Trump Propaganda

Stormy Daniels' lawyer: 6 more women claim sexual relationships with Trump

APOCALYPSE HOW? Five ways Stephen Hawking predicted the world would end – from robot takeovers to the Trump presidency

The Menace of a Mad King

Donald Trump warned by Republicans over Mueller's Russia inquiry

Trump's opioid plan to take three-pronged approach, including death penalty for high-volume traffickers

Trump just hired a deep-state conspiracy theorist as his lawyer. Here’s what Joe diGenova has said.

Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Some Drug Dealers in Opioid Plan

Biden says he would 'beat the hell' out of Trump if in high school

It’s Time to Panic Now John Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser puts us on a path to war.

Trump plans to approve a $1 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia


E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars to Be Cleaner and More Efficient


At Pruitt’s E.P.A.: No Studies, No Data, No Rules

The White House releases a photo of its interns, and the Internet asks: Why so few people of color?

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, brought to you by Mike Pence and the religious right

Donald Trump Fires Back at Pope Francis

Trump says will use military to protect U.S. border

Madeleine Albright Warns: Don't Let Fascism Go 'Unnoticed Until It's Too Late'

I Loved My Grandmother. But She Was a Nazi.

The airstrike in Mosul was potentially one of the worst U.S.-led civilian bombings in 25 years

Undocumented immigrant's FB post on paying taxes draws social media ire The Truth About Trump | The Truth is what Trump Doesn't Want You to Hear

GOP lawmaker to introduce legislation to mandate picture of president, VP at post offices

Donald Trump wrongly claims border wall is under construction

Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?

Homeland Security will start collecting data on hundreds of thousands of journalists

Families Divided: President Trump's Travel Ban Strands Some U.S. Citizens Abroad

Trump’s new rebuke of Vladimir Putin is unprecedented

Scott Pruitt’s Civilization-Threatening Lie

Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections For Women Workers

R.N.C. Official Who Agreed to Pay Playboy Model $1.6 Million Resigns

James Comey Has a Story to Tell. It’s Very Persuasive.

Trump aims to ease compliance with air pollution rules


86 Times Donald Trump Displayed or Promoted Islamophobia

Is it a coincidence that Trump uses the language of white supremacy?

Senate Confirms Climate Change Denier To Lead NASA

Carson wants poor to pay more rent, work for assistance

Trump Asks If There Are Hispanics In The Room Before Demanding His Wall


Trump Says Payment to Stormy Daniels Did Not Violate Campaign Laws

The New York Times used 2 full pages to print all of Donald Trump's insults from the campaign

'On Fire For God's Work': How Scott Pruitt's Faith Drives His Politics

Giuliani: Trump is 'committed to' regime change in Iran

Trump aides hired Israeli private intelligence firm to dig up dirt on Obama officials: report

Trump withdraws from Iran nuclear deal, isolating him further from world

Trump White House quietly cancels NASA research verifying greenhouse gas cuts

President Trump suggests taking away journalists' credentials

AT&T Gave Trump’s Lawyer $600,000 to Help Get Its Merger Approved (and Its Taxes Cut)

Trump Administration Departures

Jeffress: (Trump's Spiritual Advisor) Jews, Mormons, Muslims And Gays Are Going To Hell


Fox News: Trump Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy By Moving Embassy To Jerusalem

Trump’s New CDC Director: AIDS Is ‘God’s Judgment’ Against Gays

A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem

Donald Trump called gang members “animals.” That’s dehumanizing — and dangerous.

Millions flow to fast-growing lobbying firms with ties to the Trump administration

The real impeachment question isn't if Trump broke the law. It's if we can survive him.

Bill Gates Recalls Meetings Where Trump Questioned Vaccines and Mentioned Gates’s Daughter

How the right-wing Fox News became Donald Trump’s state propaganda channel

Trump is ‘going down’ — and here are all the reasons why

Judge rules Trump can't block users on Twitter

Trump praises NFL's anthem policy, says protesters maybe 'shouldn't be in the country'

China Slams Trump’s ‘Flip-Flop’ on Tariffs as Trade Fight Worsens

Bolton Installs Anti-Muslim Wingnut As NSC Chief of Staff

The facts behind Donald Trump’s pardoning Dinesh D’Souza

Politicians react as Trump disinvites Eagles; Kenney calls president 'fragile egomaniac'

Trump Against the Liberal Tide

France’s Macron threatens rare rebuke of U.S. at G-7, Trump fires back

Read the 192 Arguments President Trump Has Made Against the Mueller Investigation

Trump's trade tirade casts Canada in unfamiliar role of America's bad guy

There Are People Tasked With Taping Trump’s Papers Back Together After He Rips Them

Trump's North Korean gamble ends with 'special bond' with Kim

Trump Played Kim Jong Un This Crazily Intense Video at Meeting

Trump Promotes Religious Indoctrination In Public School Classrooms

Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Put Thousands of Lives at Risk, Harvard Analysis Finds

Trump approves tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods and takes his trade war to a whole new level

Administration will house migrant kids in tents in Tornillo, Texas

Trump ambassador blocks scrutiny of Israel

Three years ago today, Trump upended the GOP presidential race. CNN's coverage foreshadowed everything

Trump: I Want Americans To Behave Like Subservient North Koreans

Abe Says Trump-Kim Summit Built Foundation for Denuclearization

Trump migrant separation policy: Children 'in cages' in Texas

Defiant Trump refuses to back off migrant family separations

Fact Check / Was the ‘Law to Separate Families’ Passed in 1997 or ‘by Democrats’?

Donald Trump's Twitter feed is getting more and more bizarre

Inside a facility for the youngest immigrant children

Trump Derails Space Program Event With Rant About the U.S. Becoming 'Migrant Camp'

Ishaan Tharoor: Is Trump gaslighting the world on North Korea?

Jeff Sessions got the Bible wrong. We care for strangers, not rob their rights

Family Separation Is Trump's Immigration Policy. Here's Why He Won't Own It

Listen to Children Who’ve Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the Border

Publisher of National Enquirer Subpoenaed in Michael Cohen Probe

Christian TV Host Defends Trump’s Concentration Camps For Kids

Fact Check / Did Melania Trump Wear This Jacket on Her Way to Visit Children Separated from Their Families?

‘Pro Life’ Pastors Defend Trump’s Concentration Camps For Kids

New Video and Audio Captures 'Horrifying' Reality of Children Taken From Parents as GOP Pressed to 'Find Their Conscience'

Stephen Miller: a driving force behind the Muslim ban and family separation policy

Obama Breaks Silence On Immigrant Family Separations

U.S. returns 7-year-old Guatemalan boy taken from his mother at border

Nikki Haley Has New Beef With the UN—This Time Over Poverty in the U.S.

America's poor becoming more destitute under Trump, UN report says

In age of Trump, evangelicals back Dennis Hof, a self-styled top US pimp

‘Morning Joe’ Host Says Trump Is ‘Openly Racist’ And So Are His Supporters

Chaos as parents, lawyers try to find separated children

Trump admin discussed separating moms, kids to deter asylum-seekers in Feb. 2017

Trump now says North Korea is still an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat’

Sarah Sanders is upset because a restaurant wouldn’t serve her. She’s okay with it happening to gays.

Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of due-process rights

Supreme Court upholds travel ban

Trump administration says it won't return children to immigrant parents in custody, but a judge orders families be reunited

Judge Bars Migrant Family Separations, Orders Return Of Children Within 30 Days

U.S. cruises toward record-breaking debt on Trump's watch

Hundreds Arrested Protesting Trump Administration's Immigration Policies

American tradition is at odds with the Supreme Court's travel ban decision

Why The Travel Ban Is Bad For U.S. Business

Trump’s Travel Ban Puts America’s Brain Drain in Hyperdrive

In Upholding Trump’s Travel Ban, Supreme Court Ratifies Worldview That Worries Colleges

The Tech Industry Is Fighting Trump—and Mostly Losing

After Warning Congresswoman 'Be Careful,' Trump Has Yet to Denounce Lynching Threats Made Against Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters confronts death threats: 'If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight'

Trump’s oil tweet exposed his lack of dominance

Court Blocks Trump Administration From Blanket Detention of Asylum Seekers

North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials

George Takei: America will fix the mistake of Trump's travel ban

Trump admin to undo Obama-era rules promoting diversity in college admissions: report

Pence Promises Legal Abortion Will End ‘In Our Time’

With Justice Kennedy Retiring, Concerns Grow Over Mike Pence's Promise to End Abortion 'in Our Time'

An ICE Raid Leaves an Iowa Town Divided Along Faith Lines

"Why Can't the US Just Simply Invade?" Officials Say Trump Pushed U.S. Military Overthrow in Venezuela

Report: President Trump Floated The Idea Of US Invading Venezuela

DeVos Doesn’t Believe that Promoting Racial Diversity in Schools Is a Worthwhile Cause

Donald Trump has no answers for the border crisis. And things are about to get worse.

AP Report: U.S. Army is quietly discharging immigrant recruits

76 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trumprs

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago files request to hire 61 foreign temporary workers

The Trump administration separated families. Reuniting them is a giant mess.

Trump admin lost track of parents of 38 young migrant children

North Korea Criticizes ‘Gangster-Like’ U.S. Attitude After Talks With Mike Pompeo

Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials

The Trump administration made trade threats to Ecuador over … breastfeeding

Trump supporter to John Fugelsang: 'He cares about people; he's a Christian'

Trump administration to miss deadline to reunite all children under five with families

91-year-old man beaten with brick, told 'go back to Mexico'

US Embassy in London warns Americans to 'keep low profile' during Trump visit

Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers Whose Case Inspired Wildlife Refuge Takeover

Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest?

Markets rattled as Trump escalates China trade war with tariffs on $200bn of imports -as it happened

Russian mining firm places seal with Trump's face on asbestos products

Donald Trump's wrecking ball of mistruth could ruin Western unity

Millions Lack Food, Housing, and Healthcare, But 38 Democrats Just Joined GOP to Spend $716 Billion on Endless War and Empire

Report: Pence family's failed gas stations cost taxpayers $20 million

Vladimir Putin Mentions George Soros, MAGA World Swoons

The Biggest Spender of Political Ads on Facebook? President Trump

Mark Zuckerberg says Holocaust deniers are making an honest mistake

Israeli Law Declares the Country the ‘Nation-State of the Jewish People’

GOP Senator Defects, Sinks Trump Judicial Nominee With History of Racist Writing

Trump's 'No' About Russian Interference Requires Yet More Clarification


Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model

The cost of Trump's Endangered Species Act proposal

More Evidence Emerges That Trump Intended for Family Separation to Be Permanent

China is waging a "quiet kind of cold war" against the U.S., says CIA official

Iran's Rouhani warns Trump about 'mother of all wars'

Trump Weighs Stripping Security Clearances From Officials Who Criticized Him

Trump’s Iran threat raises eyebrows — and questions

Ryan: Trump Threat To Revoke Security Clearances Is 'Trolling People'

Trump's Orwellian warning may reveal midterm jitters

Trump lashed out at aides after seeing Melania's Air Force One television tuned to CNN: report


Separated parents unknowingly gave up reunification rights, lawyers say

Anger and misunderstanding fuel Turkey-U.S. standoff

Brawl Breaks Out At Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star

Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say

Giuliani once praised Michael Cohen as 'honest,' but now says Cohen has 'lied all his life'

Sean Spicer accused of using racial slur at a heated book signing event

House easily passes $717B annual defense policy bill

Trump threatens shutdown over wall, immigration

Can anti-media rhetoric spark violence? These German researchers reached a startling conclusion.

Jeff Sessions Announces Religious Liberty Task Force at DOJ in Response to “Dangerous Movement”


‘We are Q’: A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump’s ‘MAGA’ tour

New York Times Publisher and Trump Clash Over President’s Threats Against Journalism


9th Circuit rules White House can’t withhold money from ‘sanctuary cities’

President Trump has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days

Trump doesn’t want a free press; he wants free propaganda.

Ivanka Trump says family separations were a "low point" for her

Are Journalists the Enemy of the People? Ivanka Trump Says They’re Not

Judge Orders Trump Administration to Find Hundreds of Deported Parents

Inside the Mind of Donald Trump - He’s grandiose, deceitful and paranoid — but don’t let him drive you crazy.

A judge ruled that the Trump administration must keep DACA alive

These States Are Going to War Over Trump Eliminating Car Emissions Rules

Trump (Again) Admits His Son Met With Russian Lawyer To Get Dirt On Clinton

Trump's attacks on LeBron fit a disturbing pattern

Trump reviving tough sanctions on Iran in effort to replace nuclear pact

Mike Pence's moral case for removing a president from office

Trump: Sanctions Reinstated Against Iran for 'World Peace'

West Hollywood passes resolution to remove Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List

Exclusive: Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits

Republicans block $250 million to beef up election security


U.S. To Impose New Sanctions On Russia For Nerve Agent Attacks

Russia slams "unacceptable" U.S. sanctions, warns of retaliation

Pence details plan for creation of Space Force in what would be the sixth branch of the military

Melania Trump’s parents become naturalized U.S. citizens despite the president’s hostility toward ‘chain migration’

America's very own mad king: The obscenity of President Trump

Trump Used Racial Slur During ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Former White House Aide Says

North Korea Lashes Out At Administration Officials 'Going Against' President Trump

Tensions Between Turkey and U.S. Soar as Trump Orders New Sanctions

Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

Trump’s approval hits 50 percent — in a doctored poll graphic shared by his son


Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle.

Dinesh D’Souza and the Decline of Conservatism

F.B.I. Agent Peter Strzok, Who Criticized Trump in Texts, Is Fired

Trump and Omarosa tear at each other in escalating feud

The utter collapse of Donald Trump's 'best people' boast

America Burns From Climate Change While Trump Officials Attend Climate Denial Conference

Twitter Suspends Alex Jones and Infowars for Seven Days

Donald Trump Remembers Aretha Franklin as Someone Who “Worked for Me”

New Trump power plant plan would release hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 into the air

As The President Tweets Attacks, Melania Trump Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying

Michele Bachmann Named ‘Pastor To The United Nations’

Trump to rescind Obama-era coal emissions standards

EPA admits new emissions plan could lead to 1,400 premature deaths a year

In Fox interview, Trump seems to confess a campaign finance violation while trying to deny it

Trump’s Craziest Climate Speech Ever Explains His New Dirty Energy Policy


Donald Trump Sparks Outrage By Tweeting White Nationalist Talking Point

The President Is a Crook

Donald Trump talks like a mob boss — and reminds us he has no idea what he’s doing

White House blocks bill that would protect elections

Steve Bannon and Michele Bachmann Promoting Brazil’s Far-Right Presidential Candidate

Trump Rally in Elkhart, Indiana

The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump

Trump’s Contempt for the Law Will Be His Downfall

Trump adds Google to his ever-growing list of 'fake news' purveyors

It Can Happen Here

Pentagon May Restart Major War Games Amid Rising Tensions With North Korea

‘History Will Record The Greatness That You Have Brought For Generations,’ Religious Right Leaders Tell Trump

In closed-door meeting, Trump told Christian leaders he got rid of a law. He didn't.

US cracking down on citizenship for hundreds of Hispanics along border: report

Calif. man charged with making threatening calls to Globe

How to prepare for ex-President Trump

Trump Seeks to Block Pay Raises for Federal Workers

US cuts nearly $300 million in aid for Palestinian refugees

U.S. halts funding to U.N. agency helping Palestinian refugees

North Korea talks draw fresh scrutiny after canceled meeting

Trump administration withholds 100K Kavanaugh pages

Ivanka Trump Smiles With Pastor Who Thinks Marriage Equality Is Satan’s Work

Jim Garlow: Satan Is Using Homosexuality to Destroy God's Image Here on Earth

Jim Garlow White House video


Trump drew a red line on Syria — but Russia looks set for massive retaliation this time


Woodward's revelations raise disturbing questions about Trump

Trump suggests that protesting should be illegal

Trump on Obama's scorching speech: 'I fell asleep'

Trump’s border wall threatens to end Texas family’s 250 years of ranching on Rio Grande


Bob Woodward said Trump nearly provoked North Korea into war with a single tweet

Federal Watchdogs Target Bullying, Retaliation at State Department

Pompeo Eyes Fox News Reporter to Head Counterpropaganda Office

Trump Calls Storm Response in Puerto Rico, Where 3,000 Died, ‘One of the Best’

Detention of Migrant Children Has Skyrocketed to Highest Levels Ever

America’s Slide Toward Autocracy

Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die'

Harrison Ford Rips Science-Denying Leaders Like Trump: ‘We Are S**t Out Of Time’

Donald Trump Is Actively Obstructing Justice

Foreign minister: Trump advised Spain to build wall across Sahara to stop migrants

Trump being prayed over at the International Church of Las Vegas 10/30/16

Donald Trump being prayed for in White House

Talk of the 25th Amendment Underscores a Volatile Presidency

Do we really want a man consumed with rage, self-pity and hate on the Supreme Court?

10 minutes of Donald Trump demeaning, objectifying, and insulting women


Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100

Chad Ludington’s Statement on Kavanaugh’s Drinking and Senate Testimony

Migrant Children Moved Under Cover of Darkness to a Texas Tent City

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

The Trump administration knows the planet is going to boil. It doesn't care

A financial disclosure from Donald Trump's sister led to The New York Times report on his taxes

Trump Moves to Open 1.6 Million Acres of California Public Lands to Fracking

Melania Trump Mourns Elephant Deaths As Her Husband Lets People Import Tusks As Trophies


A Letter to White Women Who Support Brett Kavanaugh

U.S.-China Tensions Break Out in Beijing

The US-China Cold War Has Begun


Trumpism is winning, and that's terrifying

On the far right, neo-Nazis, racists hail Brett Kavanaugh's elevation to Supreme Court as open season on women, minority rights in America

The Washington Post fact-checked Trump's USA Today column. They struggled to find a single honest sentence.

The 22 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

Trump shamed Obama for campaigning after a hurricane. Then he did it as Michael ravaged Florida.

Trump suggests the climate may actually be 'fabulous' after an ominous UN report on looming disaster

North Dakota’s Voter ID Law Will Disenfranchise Thousands of Native Americans, Imperiling Heitkamp

Christian nationalism, explained through one pro-Trump propaganda film

Ivanka Trump’s Gurus Say Their Techniques Can End War and Make You Fly

Half of Pastors Approve of Trump’s Job Performance

Many Native IDs Won't Be Accepted At North Dakota Polling Places


Trump’s 60 Minutes interview once again reveals gross ignorance and wild dishonesty

President Trump: "I know all these things… I get along with him, okay? … Let it be whatever it is to get the job done.”

Don Lemon Tears Into Donald Trump Over His ‘Fascination With Dictators’

If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be


Migrant caravan activists: Trump to blame for Honduras situation

Trump Slightly Revises His Views on Climate Change

Donald and the Deadly Deniers Climate policy is the ultimate example of Trumpian corruption.

61 things Donald Trump has said about women

Trump moves to quit 144-year-old postal treaty

Jimmy Carter: Kavanaugh is 'unfit' to be a Supreme Court justice

We Can Impeach Donald Trump At Any Time (Hint... The Emoluments Clause)

Trump: No regrets for praising Greg Gianforte for body-slamming reporter


Trump is glorifying violence against journalists. This is a national disgrace.

‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration

The Growth of Sinclair’s Conservative Media Empire

17 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults

Biden: Trump ‘coddles’ autocrats like Kim, Putin, Saudis

Far-right skinheads join Proud Boys in assaulting protesters in New York City following Gavin McInnes event

North Dakota Native Americans fight to protect their right to vote after court ruling

Trump says U.S. will pull out of intermediate range nuke pact, citing Russian violations

U.S. To End Cold War-Era Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia, Trump Says

Twitter Agog At Trump Whopper That Californians Are 'Rioting' Over Sanctuary Cities

Man arrested for groping woman on flight says 'President says it's OK to grab women'

I Listened to All Six Trump Rallies in October. You Should, Too

Trump threatens nuclear buildup until other nations 'come to their senses'

The Far Right Represents Only 6% of U.S. Citizens, Study Says. 67% Make up the 'Exhausted Majority.'

FACT CHECK: President Trump's False Claims On Migrant Caravan, Tax Cuts

Watch A Trump Supporting Mother Condone Groping IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTERS

The Trauma of the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Transgender People

Ted Cruz Jokes Beto O’Rourke Can Share A Prison Cell With Hillary Clinton

Young People Are Suing the Trump Administration Over Climate Change. She’s Their Lawyer.

DOJ: Businesses Can Discriminate Against Transgender Workers

Trump decries 'political violence' after years of stoking it

CNN Found a Bomb at Its New York Office. Confusion and ‘False Alarms’ Followed.

Trump picks former Monsanto executive to lead U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Trump's trade war took a stunning bite out of the US economy, and it's the strongest evidence yet that he's shooting himself in the foot

Why Sex Is Not Binary The complexity is more than cultural. It’s biological, too.

This Week’s Mail Bombs Are No Surprise

Why Did Synagogue Suspect Believe Migrant Caravan Is Jewish Conspiracy? Maybe He Watched Fox News.

Pastor who thinks Jews can’t be saved led opening prayer at U.S. embassy in Jerusalem

Trump falsely says NYSE opened day after Sept. 11 attacks to justify holding rally after Pittsburgh shooting

Brazil Elects Far-Right Authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro As President

'To me, they're not even people': Eric Trump goes off the rails in rant targeting Democrats

Eric Trump's hypocrisy

'You can't undo surgery': More parents of intersex babies are rejecting operations

Anti-Semitism on the rise in major U.S. cities

Brazil’s version of Trump makes Trump look like Mr. Rogers

Progressive Jewish leaders tell Trump he's not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism

The president and his supporters insisted that several thousand Honduran migrants were a looming menace—and the Pittsburgh gunman took that seriously.

Deepfakes: The dawn of the Post-truth era

No Wonder America Is Divided. We Can't Even Agree on What Our Values Mean

Sarah Sanders says Trump won by 'overwhelming majority of 63 million'


Trump's Plan to End Birthright Citizenship Takes Direct Aim at the Constitution

Yes, Mr. President. So Revealing Indeed, Mr. President

Trump: My ‘Natural Instinct for Science’ Tells Me Climate Science Is Wrong

Trump’s grip on power depends on splitting the nation in two


Inside What Even an Ally Calls Trump’s ‘Reality Distortion Field’

Vote against all Republicans. Every single one.

CNN aired Trump rambling about immigrants for 27 minutes - In an echo of 2016, the president got to repeat falsehoods uninterrupted.

'Straight-Up Racist Incitement': Trump Campaign Ads, Warn Critics, Easily Mistaken as Neo-Nazi Propaganda

Trump Escalates Immigration Issue Days Ahead Of Elections With White House Remarks

Muslim Americans raise more than $200,000 for those affected by Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

A Party Defined by Its Lies At this point, good people can’t be good Republicans.

Stop Saying ‘Migrant Caravan’: They’re Asylum Seekers Escaping a Conflict That the US Created

Voters Must Reject The Moral Bankruptcy Of Donald Trump’s Republican Party

President Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days

Trump signs bill reversing Obama rule to ban gun purchases by mentally ill

The Real Lesson of My Debate With Steve Bannon

15 False or Misleading Claims in Trump’s Georgia and Tennessee Rallies


Trump Administration Uses Misleading Video to Justify Barring of CNN’s Jim Acosta

The fake video era of US politics has arrived on Twitter


Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year


With Trump sitting nearby, Macron calls nationalism a betrayal

The Alt-Right’s Favorite Meme Is 100 Years Old

The Trump Administration Is Targeting Anti-Trump Facebook Users

Truth and Virtue in the Age of Trump

Trump Dissed Marines Killed in WWI Carnage Caused By His Kind of ‘Nationalism’

What Happened When a Nation Erased Birthright Citizenship

CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta

Hate Crimes Jumped 17% During Donald Trump’s First Year In Office, According To The FBI

Trump Mulls Letting Turkey Kill U.S. Resident to Help Saudis Get Away With Killing U.S. Resident


Ryan Zinke Blames ‘Radical Environmentalists’ For California Fires

Trump administration wants Supreme Court to take up transgender military ban now

The Depravity of Climate-Change Denial

Trump: ‘I don’t believe’ government climate report finding

The chaos behind Donald Trump's policy of family separation at the border

Trump threatens to shut the Mexico border. California companies say that would create chaos

We asked 7 senators how Congress should respond to the tear-gassing of children at the border

President Trump Says He’s Too Intelligent To Believe In Climate Change


Trump’s bizarre ‘cleanest air’ argument for ignoring climate change

Trump dismantling US climate efforts as warnings grow dire


Donald Trump Doesn’t “Believe” Own Administration’s Climate Change Report

As a warming world wreaks havoc, Trump wages war on climate science

Trump Claims in Wild Interview: ‘My Gut Tells Me More Sometimes Than Anybody Else’s Brain Can’

Trump shares image calling for his opponents to face trials for ‘treason’

Report: Trump Organization planned to give $50 million penthouse to Putin amid Moscow deal

Trump is making the warming of Alaska even worse

Subpoenas Coming Soon In Trump Emoluments Lawsuit

Saudi Arabia Paid Washington Lobbyist to Book 500 Rooms in Trump’s D.C. Hotel Shortly After 2016 Election

Putin ups the ante, threatens to develop disputed nukes in response to Trump administration ultimatum

On Climate, the Facts and Law Are Against Trump

In 2008, there was hope. In 2018, there is hurt. This is America's state of hate.

The Trump Administration Pitched Coal at a Climate Change Conference

U.S. Border Patrol arrests 32 at demonstration supporting asylum seekers

Russia sends two nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela

Trump proposes to roll back decades of water protections

Trump sets 'terrible precedent' by crossing red line on Huawei case

DeVos cancels $150M in student loan debt after losing court battle

Former U.S. Ambassador To Russia: Putin Got Just What He Wanted With Trump ‘Chaos’

Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

The end for Obamacare? Trump administration says it will ask a court to throw out entire health law

Trump Is More Loyal to Dictators Than to the U.S.

Future Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney seen on video calling President Trump “terrible human being”

Hacked diplomatic cables show unease over Trump

North Korea says it will not denuclearize until the US eliminates 'nuclear threat'

Trump Just Found Yet Another Way to Kick Poor Families Off Food Stamps

The Trump administration is trying to made it harder for hundreds of thousands of people to get food stamps

Amphibian that buries head in sand named after Donald Trump

Glee in Russia Over Trump’s Foreign Policy Largess

"Alexa, what's a sociopath?"

Donald Trump avoided the military draft 5 times, but it wasn't uncommon for young men from influential families to do so during the Vietnam War

New York Times: Daughters of foot doctor say he diagnosed Trump with bone spurs as 'favor' to Fred Trump

Following Trump visit, Iraqi lawmakers demand US troop withdrawal

'Embarrassing' and 'entirely inappropriate': One of the most highly decorated former US Army generals blasts Trump's visit with US troops in Iraq

The Memo: Trump puts isolationism at center stage


Does being President Trump still mean never having to say you're sorry?

Retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal says Trump is dishonest, immoral

Trump praises Brazil’s new President Bolsonaro after he vowed to ‘strengthen democracy’


Not So Fast: Trump Called The Chinese ‘Motherf**kers’ In Vegas Speech

What Happened When a Trump Supporter Challenged Me About the Wall

Pence misleadingly cites some statistics to push Trump border wall

President Trump warns he'll cut off FEMA money for California fires

Ocasio-Cortez called Trump a racist. The White House response may have proved her point.

White House Considers Using Storm Aid Funds as a Way to Pay for the Border Wall

Donald Trump Jr. Shares Video Imagining CNN’s Jim Acosta Getting Run Over

The $2 billion Cabinet: This is how much the 10 wealthiest members of Trump's Cabinet are worth

The GOP must stamp out the seeds of hatred before it’s too late

Donald Trump Just Cannot Help It

Trump calls Joe Biden 'weak,' says Obama took him off the 'trash heap'

Trump’s Five Craziest Arguments About the Shutdown

The White House reportedly asked the Pentagon for military plans to strike Iran

Transcripts detail how FBI debated whether Trump was 'following directions' of Russia

Juan Williams: Trump's wall is founded on fiction

No letup in Saudi crackdown on dissent, and no pushback from Trump administration

As Trump officials double down on Iran, allies’ nervousness over US policy grows

Trump invokes one of the worst Native American massacres to mock Elizabeth Warren

2nd Judge Blocks Trump Birth Control Policy Across The Country

Mike Pompeo calls Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela 'illegitimate'

Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia

Karen Pence to teach at school that bans gay students, parents, employees

'Grifters, weaklings, felons': Christie on the Trump White House

Julian Castro warns Trump he wouldn’t pardon him if elected in 2020, entertaining Nixon-like scenario

Cohen says Trump directed him to pay for poll rigging

‘Resign Or Be Impeached’: Dems Erupt Over Trump Obstruction Report

Dems express alarm at Trump missile defense plans



To build the wall, Trump might make thousands of Americans suffer

The MAGA Teenager Who Harassed a Native American Veteran Is Still Unnamed, but We’ve Seen His Face Before

Nathan Phillips: Video shows Native American man harassed by teenage boys wearing ‘MAGA’ hats after abortion protest

The FBI ‘Can Neither Confirm nor Deny’ That It Monitors Your Social Media Posts

7 Takeaways From The Longest Shutdown In U.S. History

The Despicable History of Roger Stone

Trump administration ‘rolling back women’s rights by 50 years’ by changing definitions of domestic violence and sexual assault

NOAA appears to dispute Trump tweet casting doubt on global warming

Trump Administration Begins Production Of A New Nuclear Weapon

Sarah Sanders: God wanted Trump to become president

CNN Investigates: Does Trump Get His Border Talking Points From Movies?

Trump Lost the Shutdown, But At Least God Made Him President, and He’s Building That Wall

Pompeo announces suspension of nuclear arms treaty with Russia

Putin says Russia also suspending key nuclear arms treaty after U.S. move to withdraw

Russia, US suspend nuclear treaty in a diplomatic standoff sparking jitters over a new arms race

Russian media threatens US with 100-megaton nuclear doomsday device after key arms treaty fails

Putin to U.S.: I'm ready for another Cuban Missile-style crisis if you want one

Ocasio-Cortez says her offices are 'flooded' with bigoted calls

A Message of Unity From an Agent of Discord

Trump claims Democrat wants to 'execute a baby' then lies about El Paso border wall in wild rally speech


President Trump is the national emergency

Mike Pence Expected Applause When He Mentioned Trump in Munich. He Got Silence.

Trump Administration, Getting Set for a Major Rollback, Ends Clean Air Talks With California

National emergencies could be a step toward political violence


The Head Honcho on Trump's New Climate Change Panel Compared Carbon Dioxide to Jewish People

Trump climate change panel set to be led by scientist who compared ‘demonisation’ of carbon dioxide to Holocaust

The Cult of Trump

The 67 most stunning lines from Donald Trump's epic 2-hour CPAC speech

‘QAnon’ book claiming Democrats eat children is climbing the Amazon charts

Trump quietly rewrote the rules of drone warfare, which means the US can now kill civilians in secret

'Porn star presidency': Pence support for Trump questioned by Democrat

Trump calls for cutting National Science Foundation funding by $1 billion

In Newly Unearthed 2006 Radio Clip, Tucker Carlson Fantasized About a Racist Presidential Candidate

Blumenthal says Trump's rhetoric 'a factor' in New Zealand massacre

Trump Again Threatens Violence If Democrats Don’t Support Him

Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump inspired the New Zealand massacre?

'Trump is a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose': New Zealand gunman's sick manifesto reveals he supported the president and wanted to spark 'a civil war in the U.S.' by massacring dozens

Alleged New Zealand Mosque Mass Shooter’s Manifesto Praises Donald Trump As ‘Symbol Of Renewed White Identity’

New Zealand shooting: Trump tweets link to Islamophobic website amid Christchurch terror attack

A short history of President Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry

Trump repeats false claim there is no climate change crisis as he brands science 'fake'


Kellyanne Conway Urges People to Read New Zealand Shooter's White Nationalist Manifesto

The Emerging New World Order’s Alarm Bells: Men like Brenton Tarrant and Andreas Breivik

Trump Has Retweeted at Least 4 Suspended White Nationalist Accounts Since 2016


At Last: Brazil's Villainous New President Meets the Man in the Mirror

The Unbearable Machismo Of Trump And Bolsonaro’s Bromance

The President Of Brazil Made An Anti-LGBTQ+ Statement. Trump Nodded Along.

Steve Bannon gives Brazil's new president Bolsonaro advice over dinner the day before man dubbed Trump of the Tropics gets White House meeting

Trump says Twitter and other social media platforms are 'colluding' to silence Republicans and pledges bias will be 'looked at' after his own social media manager is blocked from posting on Facebook

Airline Assured Flight Attendant She’d Be Safe to Fly to Mexico. When She Returned, ICE Detained Her.

Pompeo says God may have sent Trump to save Israel from Iran

Pompeo says it's 'possible' President Trump raised to 'save the Jewish people'

Pompeo agrees it's possible God raised Trump to protect Israel from Iranian aggression

Trump's Golan Fiasco

Trump Triples Down on Bizarre Attacks Against ‘Evil’ John McCain, Complains ‘He Was Horrible’

Trump Has Slapped His Brand On Images Of The White House To Sell At His Trump Store

Donald Trump Campaign Visit Preceded Rise in Hate Crimes: Report

Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops: reports

We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump

US sails two ships through Taiwan Strait ahead of trade talks in Beijing

Leaked Audio Exposes Oil & Gas Execs Laughing With Joy Over Cozy Access to Trump Officials

These 4 Koch-Funded Congressmen Are Behind the Bill to Abolish the EPA

Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes

Betsy DeVos wants to cut Special Olympics funds

Betsy DeVos grilled in Congress over proposed elimination of Special Olympics funding

Pompeo announces expansion of ban on funding for abortion services overseas

At the U.N., America Turns Back the Clock on Women’s Rights

Forget Mueller. Forget Impeachment. A Million People Should Surround the White House and Demand Trump's Resignation

Donald Trump is very committed to taking away your health insurance

USA Today: Barbara Bush no longer considered herself a Republican after Trump became President, book says

Barbara Bush Blamed Trump for Her “Heart Attack,’’ New Biography Reveals

Trump: 'Russia has to get out' of Venezuela

The Department of Homeland Security's Attack on Asylum Seekers at the Border Continues

Yale psychiatrist on Trump: "Instead of containing his sickness, we as a nation have enabled it"

Twitter is considering labeling Trump tweets that violate its rules

Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens



Trump seems inclined to close border despite potential chaos

More Than 750,000 Could Lose Food Stamps Under Trump Administration Proposal

The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Just Legalized Torture

How Climate Change Is Fuelling the U.S. Border Crisis

Report: 45 Percent Of Republicans Believe God Wanted Donald Trump To Be President

Attacks by White Extremists Are Growing. So Are Their Connections.

ICE arrests more than 280 at Texas business, biggest workplace immigration raid in a decade

Candace Owens: Hitler Was ‘OK’ Until He Tried to Go Global

U.S. to Designate Iranian Guard Corps a Foreign Terror Group

Trump Ends Deal Between M.L.B. and Cuban Baseball Federation


Trump just made it even harder for any future US government to negotiate with Iran, analyst says

America isn’t full

Trump lies yet again about Obama and separating families at the border

Most Americans agree Trump has made race relations worse

Trump to sign executive orders meant to free up oil and gas pipeline development

Trump Is Begging for a Fight With Iran

The Pentagon Wins Again

Unite the whites: Donald Trump now leads a unified party of anti-immigrant racism

White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees into ‘sanctuary cities’ to target political foes: report

Trump Demonizes Migrants as He Profits From Them

Trump advisers discussed whether military could build and run migrant detention camps

New York Post uses 9/11 front page to attack Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Ivanka Trump Claims Americans Don’t Want Job Guarantees With Living Wage

Trump and the Annihilation of Shame

Democrats Slam Trump After He Attacks Ilhan Omar With Graphic, Misleading 9/11 Video

Fox's Wallace not 'comfortable' playing full 9/11 video tweeted by Trump

Trump aide ATTACKS Democrats over US President’s taxes - ‘NOT smart enough to understand’

Ilhan Omar: I've experienced more 'direct threats on my life' since Trump tweet of 9/11 video

Trump’s Fed Nominee Isn’t a ‘Big Believer in Democracy’

Michele Bachmann: Trump Is Most ‘Godly, Biblical’ President In Our Lifetime

Where are the noncitizens? Trump administration wants to know down to the block level

North Korea slams Bolton's call for sign of denuclearization as 'dim-sighted,' 'nonsense'

AP sources: US to sanction nations for importing Iranian oil

Trump administration announces all countries importing Iranian oil will be subject to US sanctions

Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore called it a 'travesty' that women 'feel free' to play sports with men

A dishonorable man like Donald Trump cannot remain at the helm of an honorable nation

IRS blows deadline to hand over Trump tax returns

Pipe bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc describes Trump rallies as 'new found drug'


The only positive Trump stories I can find:

Donald Trump Targets F-35 Program in Latest Dig at Defense Spending,

Trump Calls for Closer Relationship Between U.S. and Russia,

Trump's EPA nominee says climate change is no hoax, breaking with famous Trump tweet

Trump tweets about the greatness of Martin Luther King Jr.

Bannon removed from National Security Council

Tillerson signs international declaration recognizing climate change | TheHill

It turns out that the $110 billion Saudi arms deal is actually 'fake news'

Trump intervenes to grant rejected Afghan girls entry to U.S. for robotics contest

Sessions Emerges as Forceful Figure in Condemning Charlottesville Violence

Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon fired

Sheriff Clarke Was in Talks for a Trump White House Job—Then John Kelly Killed It

Trump Bucks Usual Aggression, Opens The Door To Negotiations With North Korea

Donald Trump prepared to apologise for Britain First retweets

Trump agrees to first-ever meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Trump wants ‘out’ of Syria ‘very soon,’ contradicting top officials

Donald Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe in “American Exceptionalism”

Trump is right to want to leave Syria

Abe Says Trump-Kim Summit Built Foundation for Denuclearization

Trump rattles Pentagon with Korea war games decision

Exclusive: Pompeo says no timeline on North Korea negotiations

Pfizer says it will postpone price increases after discussions with Trump

Economy Hits a High Note, and Trump Takes a Bow

US President Donald Trump says he is ready to meet his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, “any time they want to.”

White House supports existing law, says 3D guns are already illegal

Nikki Haley Pushes Multiculturalism: ‘Fabric of America’ Is ‘Multiple Cultures, Multiple Populations’

Trump orders rapid withdrawal from Syria in apparent reversal

Donald Trump Orders 7,000 U.S. Troops Out Of Afghanistan

Donald Trump Did Something Right

Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

President Trump calls dying West Haven man Yet even Trump's kindness is tinged with the cruelty of offering a toy teaching kids to build walls

Trump says he's reversing North Korea sanctions imposed by his Treasury Department


The spiritual messages warning us about the Donald Trumps of the world who haven't yet attained true spiritual vision, is most clearly exemplified in the Jet Li movie, Fearless.

Don't let ego determine our fate! Until he reforms and has a change of heart, Stand up to Trump!